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Prints & Posters!

Lochpress Monster can print a variety of custom prints and posters for you. Whether you're looking for relief prints, etchings, collographs, monoprints, or some kind of combination of these printing techniques, I've got you covered. You can also check out our portfolio for ideas, or our shop page for prints already available for purchase. 

Some potential print projects: album covers, band or event posters, menu designs, family or pet portraits, holiday cards, skyline of your city, maps, and more! 


Here are some of things to consider as you approach your printmaking project with us (and as always, feel free to reach out to us via with your project ideas and questions). These variables will affect the cost of your project, but estimates are free!

  • Type of Printmaking

    • Relief - This type of printing involves carving an image into a woodblock or linoleum block, and printing the carved image onto paper. 

    • Etching - This type of printing involves sort of scratching an image into a piece of metal or plexiglass, wiping into onto the etched plate so that the ink catches onto the scratched on image, and printing that image onto paper. 

    • Monoprint - This is the most painterly of printing techniques, where you simply paint an image onto a flat surface and press paper onto it, so that the paper picks up that painted image. Alternatively, we can put an even layer of ink onto a flat surface, place a piece of paper onto that ink, and then draw on the back of the paper so that the drawn image is picked up by the ink.

    • Collograph - This type of printmaking is very flexible; we create a printing surface using found materials such as plaster, cardboard, yarn, cardstock, textiles, etc. This printing surface is then covered in ink, and printed onto a piece of paper.

    • Combination - We can print as many times as you like onto one piece of paper. That means that we could print with each of these techniques onto one piece of paper if that's what it takes to achieve the image you're looking for. 

  • Type of Paper

    • You should consider whether you're looking for a thicker or thinner paper, a cardstock, or a colored paper. We can certainly offer more specific guidance on paper choice depending on the details of your project. 

  • Number of Copies

    • How many copies of your print do you want? Do you want them all to be identical?

  • Size of Prints

    • The largest print that we can create with our relief press is just shy of 2ft x 3.5ft, however I can hand print larger images. Handprinting will cause the price to increase. 

  • Framing

    • I do not frame prints, but can gladly assist you in shopping for frames that will suit your prints.

    • Keep in mind that if you choose a print size that is irregular, you will have to have it custom framed - if you're uncertain about regular and irregular framing sizes, we can help! 

Take a look at more in depth photos of past printmaking projects in our portfolio to get a more ideas!

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