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Are you interested in learning bookbinding or printmaking? The Lochpress Monster studio is too small to offer classes currently, but can bring the studio to you! Let me know what you're interested in learning, and I can bring everything you'll need to your home, office, or classroom. With over a decade of teaching experience, I can accommodate groups up to 10 people depending on the technique of printmaking or bookbinding being taught. Reach out at for details!

  • Bookbinding Classes:

    • Japanese Stab Binding

    • Coptic Stitch Binding

    • Perfect Binding

    • Pamphlet Stitch Binding

  • Cover Decoration

    • I can print custom imagery for the covers of your books, or use decorative papers of your choice​

    • You will need to decide whether you want cloth, leather, cardstock, hardcover, or some other material for your book cover 

  • Interior Paper

    • Blank paper offers the most options in terms of texture, thickness, and color. Lined paper is possible depending on the type of binding that you choose.​

  • Printmaking Classes:

    • Relief

    • Collograph

    • Monoprint

    • Etching

Take a look at more in depth photos of projects in my portfolio to get a more ideas!

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