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Growing Pains

Growing Pains is a series of Linoleum Relief prints created for a solo exhibition at the East Arbor Architecture + Gallery in July of 2018. The artist statement is as follows: 

"Growing pains is a series of prints that attempts to examine the relationships between a small group of politically active Detroiters, their communities, and the many changes the city has undergone in recent years. 

These images consider the intentions of those directing and controlling this development, and the perspective of those whose lives are being displaced or recontextualized without their input. The changes in Detroit's social and built environment are considered here in the context of the idea of growth; what kind of growth is this? Growth like a garden, or growth like weeds? Growth like a tumor? Or growth like a child becoming an adult? Invasive plants do not view their growth as invasive, but as more effective, more efficient than the foliage that they replace. "

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